Education & Training

KIEL actively participates regularly in trainings organized by its industrial equipment manufacturers, as their representative. This is not considered as a an obligatory factor for the company, but it’s also due to its significance as an important factor for the company's philosophy.

Training needs to be kept up.

Technology and development are an ongoing procedure which never stops, and since manufacturers always aims for a better performance for their machines and equipment on all aspects (mechanical, electrical and software) continuous upgrade is a necessity. As a result, education and upgrade of knowledge now how of the manufacturers and representative's engineers is equally an ongoing procedures.

KIEL's qualified engineers being the link between the manufacturer & customer, they are following obliged to transfer their knowledge to the client’s machine operators. This process of training at the customers machine operators, special attention is being given on the process of how the machine operates, how to hygienically clean it and important consideration is provided for its safety instructions.

It is essential for the customers and its operators and to understand that only a qualified service technician is permitted to open, move, reconstruct parts of the device.  Although a device is equipped with all the required safety provisions, non-observance of the safety instructions can lead to injuries of the operator or material (parts) damage.